Saturday, February 19

Floral Bra & Panties

Exactly how did Stacy become a model? The brunette stunner described her pathway to the camera and big-bust fame. "Last summer, I went with my friend to buy a new bra for myself. We went around to a huge number of stores and finally found what we were looking for. In the fitting room, we shot a lot of cool photos for my boyfriend. "Some days later, I saw on Instagram, a store that sells bras for girls with big chests, and in one of the posts they wrote that they were looking for new faces for the store. "I sent them the funniest photo I had taken in the fitting room, just like that, without seriousness. An hour later, they answered and invited me to come meet them. I was in shock! I did it for fun. After getting to know them, they invited me to model for their store, I agreed."

Wednesday, January 5

Bra, Garters & Stockings

Stacy Vandenberg is one of the most-beautiful girls with a pair of the most-spectacular, naturally huge boobs in SCORE history. She has that perfect combination of a slim and stacked body, big breasts, a gorgeous face and an extremely photogenic look. TSG editor, Dave, called Stacy "A dream girl with JJ-cup naturals." Stacy's road to modeling came about by sheer happenstance. She hadn't planned to become a model, let alone a topless model. A bra shopping trip with a friend led to an opportunity that changed her life. Stacy has one stipulation when it comes to modeling. She will only pose topless for still photos, not for videos. This will remind some of a SCORE Girl who posed in the early 2000s for still photos only and became a superstar: Sharday.

Monday, December 13

Tight Tops Try-outs

Stacy Vandenberg tries on a variety of tight tops to see how they fit over her JJ-cup boobs and how they look in photos. The first is a bright-red tube top. Stacy wears tiny, black, shredded shorts that lace up the sides and black high heels to complete her girl-next-door look. She next tries on a white tank top that ends just below the boob line. From a low angle, some of her undercleavage is visible. Next, Stacy puts on a striped blue and white top that's more dressy than the tube top and white tank top. It shows just a bit of cleavage. Next is a pink tank top and then a strappy lingerie-style top that looks too small for her huge boobs. Finally, her last tight top is a black, lace, long-sleeve zip-up with a hood. It's obvious that it can't be zipped up all the way. At the end of the set, Stacy removes her shorts. She's wearing floral panties and turns to show the thong back. It's been quite a fashion show!

Sunday, November 14

Fruit & Wine Makes It Fine

Stacy Vandenberg's dress and heels have a tropical flair. Stacy has a bowl of fruit to play with and a glass of wine to sip. Perhaps one day she'll go to the tropics with the SCORE team for an on-location event. There are no fruits Stacy can hold up next to her chest that come close to the size and shape of her magnificent breasts. She has a bit of oral fun with a bunch of grapes and a banana, then leaves the fruits aside to get undressed and reveal her fantastic figure. Does Stacy have any funny habits? "I'm too serious to have funny habits," Stacy said. "If you can call it a funny habit, I'm very stubborn." We wondered if Stacy knows any big-boobed models. "I know Maria B. and Demmy Blaze. I like them and I admire them." Our studio manager, who photographed Demmy Blaze for the movie On Location North Coast, flew to Prague during the shooting of Stacy's pictorials. "It's a pleasure to photograph Stacy," she said. "I think she's really great."

Monday, October 18

The Busty Baker

Stacy Vandenberg is whipping up something in the kitchen. A cake topped with fruits that she proudly presents after she's done decorating it. Speaking of decorations, this beautiful busty baker is dressed to please in an old-fashioned bullet bra, black stockings, garters, sheer black skirt, sheer white apron, red panties and red heels. Very colorful, 1950s retro, complete with a flower in her hair. Her decorations come off piece by piece during her kitchen magic until she is clad only in red panties and high heels. She seductively and sensuously tastes some of the whipped cream and the fruit. "I like to cook and spend time in the kitchen making meals," Stacy said. "I like some sports such as tennis and parasailing. I love to dance to popular music. Yes, I will dance a bit in the kitchen sometimes."

Tuesday, September 7

Bra Try-outs

Stacy Vandenberg wears a tight pink skirt and white lace blouse that shows her extremely deep cleavage. Her white and pink bra keeps her stunning JJ-cup boobs under control. Stacy started her modeling activities as a bra model and has modeled a large number of bras. Stacy's next bra is a pink number with thin straps that is clearly too small for her. Her boobs pop out with the slightest movement, exposing her nipples. Stacy's next pick is a sturdier-looking, neon green bra that seems to fit better but still shows her side cleavage sticking out. She switches that out for a grey hooter-holster with pink straps and piping. This bra looks like it fits the best. The final selection is a pink sports bra made for working out, a combination tank top and bra. There probably isn't a style of bra or bra-like top that Stacy hasn't put on as a professional bra model. She knows bras!